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Boots and Leather

Boots and Leather - T. Strange
I won this story as a part of the Erotic Enchantments holiday party. Although I don't usually like BDSM, it was the only M/M book offered for that contest so I chose it. I am so glad I did because I loved it.

Gavin, the protagonist, is funny, endearing and loveable. He doesn't have the same taste in men that I do but I could completely picture Terry who was delightful, too. Gavin's quest for the perfect Dom is adorable.

I felt the BDSM was respectful, although a little too light. I would have liked a little mild bondage or something, and I totally cannot believe I'm saying that. The bondage probably wasn't enough for people who seek bondage stories, but it works for those of us for whom it's a little uncomfortable because it's so sweet and Gavin is so safe.

Terry does a really good job of making sure Gavin is comfortable with his first BDSM experience. They don't even have sex the first time because he wants Gavin to make sure this is what he really wants. Terry does something really simple to get them started and continually asks Gavin if what he is doing okay, and reminds him he can stop anytime. Later they sit down and iron out their boundaries, what Gavin wants to do and what he's not comfortable with. He's given a safe word. When they are finished with their first session, Terry is exhausted but wants to continue but Terry says he has to rest first and then makes him drink water despite Gavin's claim he's not thirsty. They didn't drink with dinner because "booze and BDSM do not mix well." I think that's excellent advice. Terry insisted on condoms even for oral sex which is great.

There were a few continuity errors that were confusing. For example, Gavin said something about the jeans terry was wearing and a few paragraphs later when Terry stood up (they had just been talking) he said he had to put clothes on. Another time they were both naked without taking their clothes off. There was also a scene where I couldn't for the life of me picture the position Terry was in. It sounded physically impossible. But it was only that once.

Instead, I could usually picture the scene very well such as in this example where Gavin has just set his eyes on Terry for the first time:
I flapped a hand at [his best friend], making little hissing noises for him to act natural. "Over there," I whispered out of the corner of my mouth. "Don't screw this up for me."

I just love that flapping hand. I have done that exact thing so many times.

But the best part for me was the humor. Here are a couple of quotes from the book that I thought were really funny:
"I bit back a playful, 'yes, mother'. [sic] We weren't quote close enough for that yet (just, you know, close enough for me to suck his cock and hump myself silly on his boot."
"I gave a startled yelp that quickly turned into--wait for it--a giggle. That would certainly impress him."

The story was too short, though. I wanted to see their second date. I so home Strange writes another story with these characters.