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Late Night Snack (Sanguine #1.5)

Late Night Snack - Lou Harper Too frickin' cute. I love this couple and I want more more more. I love Harvey's role-playing games. I love that he goes in drag for fun, usually to play a role, but he isn't a drag queen, meaning he just puts on a dress without thinking about it, it's just another costume.

Gabe needs to stop telling Harvey what to do and ask him to stay at home. I'm not sure it would make a huge difference but it might.

The funniest line in the story, which is not said by the characters to be funny (although all bets are off about the author) Gabe asks what's going to happen to two adult newly-made vampires who were made without consent and have no vampire to help them learn the ropes:

"What's going to happen with the two baby vamps?"

"They've already already been placed with foster vampires."

I don't know why but that made me laugh riotously. 4 stars because I wanted the take down of the baddie to be slightly longer and a little more dramatic.