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Final Boarding (Turbulence, #8)

Final Boarding (Turbulence, #8) - Jordan Castillo Price I was so disappointed with this. It's not the solution, it's how it's presented. It was confusing and not completely explained. As you can tell from the cover, there's more Marlin. We're supposed to like him, see him as more of a normal guy, but I liked him even less. He's just annoying.

There's some friction between Paul and Dallas that I really hated and I think it was resolved way too quickly and easily.

I also don't think major it would be that easy for Dallas to become a pilot, which is the eventual plan. It's a great idea, but it takes years.

All in all, I was disappointed with this series. It just doesn't stand up against Price's other work, especially Psycop. But it was still entertaining enough that I bought the whole thing. (FYI, this is a pay-what-you want series.)