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Shacked Up

Shacked Up - Hank  Edwards As adorable as the cover is, and as much as I liked the first one, this book fell flat. The thriller part fizzles. There is little excitement. Much of it felt contrived, like the publisher demanded a sequel and Edwards had to come up with something.

I still love the characters. They're both so freakin' sweet it's ridiculous. Too sweet. Any time there was any tension between the two of them it was dealt with almost immediately. There was little conflict and all resolution. I wanted them to not be quite as mature for just five minutes. It's tiring reading about grown-ups who are always grown-ups in a romance. ;)

I do like how something from the first book was pulled in that had nothing to do with the first plot. I didn't like how they kept talking about the first book's plot and nothing related really happened. I thought the end "battle" was boring and too quick without enough danger and fear and peril.

But the romance between the men is so sweet as I said, and how the two handled their own personal issues was very nice. If I hadn't read the first book I would only give this two stars. Because I did, I'm giving it 2.5. I'm rounding up to three because I do think they're adorable and that's what I'm really looking for in a book. Mostly.