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Heart of Dame (Solomon's Pride)

Heart of Dame - Dawn H. Hawkes Typical growly protective big alpha with tiny but spunky mate. I love that kind of story, though, and it's exactly what I wanted. Which is why I was able to forgive all of the following issues:

I really hate how the only woman is crazy and evil and not even the good scary kind of evil we love to hate but just messed up stupid idiot evil. There are all kinds of errors including continuity and editing errors as in all these typical three star shifter stories and it drives me crazy. For example, months after an addictive agent is ingested, the agent still shows up in the blood. This was written in 2011 and a lab geek saves everything to floppy disks. A man is described as a half-breed but he's only a quarter breed and shouldn't really have all the skills he has as a result since they were weak in his half-breed mom. A character wonders why something critical happened to his mate that he needs to solve and never even bothers to ask the mate who would have been able to supply a lot of helpful detail. They assume that all big guys are dominant tops and all small guys are submissive bottoms and any show of dominance from a small guy is surprising.

There's too much infodumping, too much time spent inside a person's head without any action. But one stand out in this series is the humor. It's a kind of humor that not everyone would find funny, but it just hits me right. Here is an example which I'm not even sure why I found funny given how anti-violence I am in my everyday life:
All he knew was that Shamus had dared to (minor spoiler) mark Timothy and therefore needed to die a slow, horrible, and extremely messy death a death quite possibly involving power tools of some sort.