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On The Dock

On The Dock - Kade Boehme Sweet if a bit predictable. I would have given this a higher rating but it's inconsistently written. Some parts are really beautiful but other parts it's not quite so good, like "It’s gonna be in my head til I see your smiling face smiling..." There were some inconsistencies that were important. For example, (major spoiler) in a letter home, the soldier says, "And I think I love you, too." Later, the mother tells the MC, "He was waiting until he got home to actually say the words 'I love you'."

There were punctuation errors (like the one in the quote) and spelling errors. The dialect was also inconsistent. I also wanted just a couple more sentences at the end. And I felt it a bit improbable that the MC would go his whole life with a guy in high school, then the whole rest of his life being with only one man whom he was with for a week and in a love affair with for six months. I get that the second half was necessary to the story but I would have liked him to be younger at the end. and not cool that he hid is orientation from his son until he died. That shows shame.

But I'm saying too much that is negative. It was a very charming story, and the set up and execution of the plot itself was very good. The characterization of the mc was excellent and his love for his son was beautiful.

Happy ending? Sort of. Not really. Basically what happens is they die and are together in the afterlife.