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Kelan's Pursuit (Shifters' Haven)

Kelan's Pursuit - Lavinia Lewis This was another decent entry to the series. What I like is that the problems are not simple like in other series. Sometimes the problem seems insurmountable like in the previous book where the very needed omega from one tribe falls in love with the alpha of another. I like the danger and protection and fear stuff and there was some in this, although not as much as in the previous two and not as much as I like.

I think one MC was too much of an asshole at first and changed way too quickly to believable. But I did like him after that, and although his whole thing was transparent, it was really cool to see that side of things. (Yeah, that's vague--read the book.) ;)

I think it's silly that the author had one of the metropolitan hip guy swilling Coors. That is so not right. That kind of guy would not be found dead drinking Coors in a public place. No, they drink imported beer or microbrews, not Coors which is an ultra-conservative anti-gay company. (In the previous book she had a New York up and coming painter who made money painting who painted landscapes. Um, no.)

I still don't understand why UK authors keep putting their books in the states. If they need to do that, maybe they live here, then they should not spell and use words and expressions that are not used in the US. "Learnt" is not how we spell or pronounce here. There are others where the "ed" is changed to a "t" but I can't think of any right now and I didn't mark them in the book. The only one I have heard used her in the US (and I've used it myself) is dreampt, and it's not common at all.

I love the author, though, for knowing that the expression is "another think coming" and not "another thing coming" like so many people get wrong. For that reason, and the lack of confusing adverbs and adjectives, I'm rounding up to 4 stars.

Happy ending? Of course, everything is always perfect at the end of these and they get their HEA.