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Luke's Surprise (Shifter's Haven)

Luke's Surprise - Lavinia Lewis I really enjoyed this book because there was lots of suspense and danger and action. It hit all the right buttons. I loved the characters and I liked how the two didn't really even balk at the whole GFY thing. The town was a little too perfect and the bad guys a little too awful, but the MCs and the whole family had issues so they weren't perfect. There were also little teases that made me want to read the next books immediately to see what was going on. That's a really great start to a series.

But there were some issues like no one ever seemed to work.

--The alpha gets upset by but doesn't do anything about a homophobic member of his pack and even gives him some tools he was getting rid of.

--In the beginning, Mark leaves his home with the clothes on his back and never goes back to get his stuff and it's never even mentioned.

--In an emergency, the alpha takes time to referee an irrelevant argument rather then leaving the house.

--There was some head jumping but there were also formatting issues, so maybe there were breaks every couple of paragraphs at times but I don't think so.

--There was WAY too much sex. Later books have a reasonable amount but this was ridiculous. Big brother's reactions were hilarious, though.

--In another emergency, someone assumes someone else is dead because he isn't breathing. He doesn't stop to help but goes into a blind rage and tries to kill the attacker rather than attending to the person who is dying. That's just stupid and too obvious a ploy to create drama.

This would have been a 4 to 4.5 if it weren't for all those issues. But it's a 3.5. I'll round it up, though, because that melodramatic crap is what I really love.

Happy ending? You even have to ask? Of course, HEA.