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Bodies of Work

Bodies of Work - Etienne I wasn't very happy with this but I took 3 pages of notes and that's just too much to twist into lucid text at this hour. Suffice to say, I agree with most of the not-so-great reviews. It started out pretty good but then it just fizzled. It was slow moving and I just didn't care enough. All of the emotion is in the dialog, the men saying what they feel. There really wasn't any true impression of these emotions. They could have been lying or felt stronger than it sounded, etc. I just couldn't relate to them so well or believe their love was real. They eat constantly, usually out, and usually at a restaurant (that the author says are real) whose history is described in detail. Then the food they eat is described. We are told about every single meal they eat. And the guys drank way too much wine, especially given that they're both blue-collar workers. I'm not saying that blue collar workers don't drink wine, but it just didn't fit well with the image I have of them.

I might write more later if I can be bothered.

Happy ending? Yeah, at least we did have our HEA.