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In the Flesh

In the Flesh - Ethan Stone I can't even rate this yet. I'm too irritated by the stupidity of it all. 1.5 stars, I think, but round up or down?

Update: I just finished Force of Law and next to that horrific train wreck, this is a five star book. So we'll be rounding up.

One thing that irritated me: I think he made Colby black at the last minute. Colby did not come off as black at all. For example, Cris runs his fingers through Colby's hair several times. Since Colby works at a very conservative law firm, his hair is going to be really short. It will either be to short to run fingers through, incredibly dense, or controlled within an inch of it's life by gel or something. Most of my many (foster) kids have been black or mixed race and all but one had different versions of black hair. (The one exception is a girl who looks white. No one ever guesses she is mixed race. She looks almost as white as I do. Okay, no, that's not possible--I look like notebook paper--but I'm talking about any that you would look at and see that they were black, as Cris did with Colby. None of them had hair you could casually run your fingers through, not a single one.)

More to come.