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Bodyguards in Love: I Love Rock n Roll

I Love Rock N Roll - Carol Lynne 3.5 stars.

Lynne's books in this series always stop just short of what I need them to be. This one was better than some in that department, but it still didn't have enough of the danger or the chase or the tension, etc.

But there were improvements:

The relationship was equal rather than being based on one person taking care of the other.
There was no instalove.
There were characters that were wonderful who could also be obnoxious, too. There was a character that was awful who also could be nice.
The plot was more realistic and less melodramatic than earlier books in the series.
The plot didn't depend on earlier books at all, and althought here was continuity, and characters brought back, it wouldn't be necessary to read the earlier ones to enjoy this one.
The sex is sweet, although mediocre, and it doesn't overwhelm or feel gratuitous like the one book of hers outside this series that I read where pretty much any scene devolved into sex.
Plus, the solution to their issues wasn't black and white, it was something they still needed to figure out parts of.

The next one has to be about Raven. He definitely needs his own story even though we don't even see him in this book, just hear about him. Drat, just figured out that he doesn't get his own story until book 6. They're probably giving us more time to learn about his antics. The next book, #4, is about four guys and a woman, just like the previous series that led to this one, and the one book of hers I read not in this series (which I hated). I may skip to number five.

So because of the good things, and because it's got to be better than the next one, I'm rounding up my 3.5 stars to 4.