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Savage Awakenings

Savage Awakenings - Stephani Hecht I love this series because I am a sucker for brothers. This time I even understood why people were upset with the romance of the two. There was a lot of danger and action and angst, got to love that stuff.

But there were issues.
I hate the sexism. Just because this is M/M doesn't mean there can't be equal woman. For example, the assumption is that Cassie is going to cook. Even though she fights alongside the guys, and is kick ass, and a terrible cook, in order to get away from her cooking, they order out. The assumption is that she is the cook. She is the only woman there and this is just disgusting.

In addition, one person describes a massacre as being so horrific that everyone was targeting, "even women and children." Okay, children I can see, but women? Are we in the freaking fifties/dark ages? The men were all innocent as well. Why are their lives less important? That kind of mentality just makes women look weak and unable to protect themselves and men disposable. That is just revolting.

"Bad" was used instead of "badly" by a highly educated man from a high society family. That is just ridiculous. He would know better.

Four times the narration says someone is not "for sure." Really? They weren't sure they themselves existed? I had a really not bright and really uneducated kid once who used to say that and it was all I could do to not laugh. But I didn't (and I was really nice to her and cared about her--I can still find things funny, can't I?)

A character shifted with his clothing on, even though I'm pretty sure others have lost their clothes in the process. I vaguely remembering them saying in a previous book that some cats could do that but not all. That is just absurd.

I'm disheartened that Rat is no longer Rat. That is just sad.

One good thing, though, is that this time it is the bad guys who wear the dusters. I am so sick of those things being worn by "cool" heroes. The only people I ever see wearing them (although I don't go near ranches so they might be exceptions) are total fantasy obsessed nerds with no fashion sense, the epitome of not cool. Great people, not "cool" though. Dusters, they are just silly.

So the whole book was good but it was just a disappointment

and that is just not cool.

I still enjoyed it, though, and in the end, that is just all that really matters. Justly.

Happy ending? Of course, HEA.