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Force of Law

Force of Law - Jez Morrow I'm feeling really betrayed by those who said this was so good and Law wonderful. I just don't even get how this could be called sweet. I know I don't understand D/s but the dubcon was outright rape. When someone is terrified and says no over and over again and believes the other guy is straight and trying to hurt him and he's crying--a man crying for God's sake--and the other guy keeps going, I don't care where it ends up. It's rape. I don't care if while overpowering him and holding him down the rapist hands him a phone. It's terrifying.

People get aroused during rape not infrequently. It's part of the guilt factor. It would stop many people from calling for help, especially a man. It is still RAPE. If this were a man controlling a woman, I just don't see my friends saying this was okay. Add in that the scared guy has never had anal sex (is a virgin) and the rapist knows this but then the scared guy suddenly wants more and begs for it, and you have one of the most disgusting and disturbing scenes I have ever read. I'm seriously in tears. I kept reading to see if some recognition was given and an apology, just something, but no. Instead Law continues to mistreat him and a short month later they get engaged.

I have more to say but I just can't right now.