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Naked Dragon

Naked Dragon - G.A. Hauser Don't let the word "psychic" fool you. This is not an urban fantasy or paranormal book in any way.

The police procedure was excellent and the descriptions of Seattle superb and accurate. The murders and the bad guy eluding capture over and over went on a little too long and were a little too gruesome. The love was way, way, way, too instalove. The primary MC was 27 and hadn't ever had gay sex before, even though he knew he was gay and had for a long time. Bullpucky. He would have picked up someone anonymously or something. He's a guy in his 20's who's active, fit, and good-looking. No way would he be completely celibate. But that aside, he takes to the whole thing much too easily for someone that closeted who hasn't even had M/M sex before. But I loved the protagonists, especially the FBI agent, and the love story was really sweet.

Happy ending? Yes, HEA