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What Hides Inside

What Hides Inside - Ally Blue I love Sam. I want to kick Bo's ass. I love Dean, I mean love him. He reminds me a little of Jory in [b:A Matter of Time|7090484|A Matter of Time (#1)|Mary Calmes|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1257198839s/7090484.jpg|7346614], just because he's so sweet and selfless and flirtatious. I want to kick Bo's ass. I love all the characters in this books. I want to kick Bo's ass. I wish the strong woman hadn't been killed off in the last book and I wish the remaining woman weren't so weak and clingy, but I do like her and I want to kick Bo's ass.

I think you're getting where I'm coming from here. I'm telling you that for the first half of this book, and even a little for the rest, I wanted Sam to be with Dean. I don't understand Bo's appeal, I think he's a dick, and Sam deserves better. It's funny that I feel this way given that I love the assholes that other sweet guys like in similar series (Jory's Det. Kage for example), but Bo does nothing for me.

I did care by the end, though, and that's what counts, right? The one thing I do like about Bo that Sam says he understand but doesn't completely (which in turn is the one thing I don't like about Sam) is that for Bo, his kids come first as they should. But Bo is a coward and self-absorbed and, okay, I'm going to stop there, because it tells you nothing about the book.

The mystery wasn't really a mystery, not like last time. It's pretty obvious fairly early on what's happening, and it's not nearly as frightening as what was going on in the last book. The final battle is quite weak, actually. But the danger and peril, the "I can't lose him!" kind of crying by the hospital bed stuff I love was excellent. So overall the story was fine.

I feel these books are just a little light. They feel more like stand-alone romances in a generic romance series then a serial paranormal romance; you know the kind where each book is a different couple and they come together in basically the same way and the plot is very similar in each book, etc.? Yeah, that. It's like paranormal light.

But now we know there's going to be a theme running through this series, not just a one off like in most mysteries where you have a new house and a new kind of ghost. We've got more of an X-Files-y evil menace that we're going to learn about piece by piece I think. I like that a lot.

This wasn't nearly as good as the first one, but I want to continue on because I did enjoy it. 3.5 stars rounded down to 3 because I want to kick Bo's ass.