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Hainted - Jordan L. Hawk This book was amazing. It had everything I wanted: lots of danger and injury and desperate wanting and angst and a different paranormal take and very good writing and an excellent plot and strong, individual characters and conflict and on and on. I LOVED it! If you like M/M paranormal romances, go read it. This one is fabulous.

I liked that they used a condom even for oral sex. That's important and so many books omit that part.

I really like how Leif puts Dan's father's death into perspective. (medium spoiler) He doesn't blame the depression or condemn the man for suicide; he says, "The man had a responsibility to his kids, and if he couldn't live up to it, it was his duty to get some help and not lay it on you." He also says that he usually doesn't judge suicides. I'm the first person to defend the suicidal but I, as a mother who has been suicidal in the past, completely agree with Leif here. It's so refreshing to read about a character who is mad at the right things not at the disease itself.

I really hated but liked, too, because it was realistic, that (big spoiler) Leif's body responds to an evil ex-lover because he used to love him. I particularly hated that we hear this several times. Only once was necessary, but in places the author goes into WAY too much detail and I was really upset.

It was awesome how when going into danger, Dan didn't promise that he would be back but that he would try his best. I hate when characters promise things they have little control over.

Nitpicks (because what is a Kelly review without them?): Virgil is grounded at one point then the next day or so is still allowed to go out. The dead have flesh hanging from them, even if they've been dead for a century and a half, such as a confederate soldier. With only the burial technology available then, the body would be completely decomposed other than the bones. One bad guy is able to do something that an equally powerful bad guy with the same resources wasn't able to do in the past.

But forget those silly things because the book is so good.

Five plus stars. This is one of the best self-published books I have ever read.