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Half Moon Rising (Assassin/Shifter, # 4)

Half Moon Rising (Assassin/Shifter, # 4) - Sandrine Gasq-Dion,  Jennifer Fornes Lots of drama and danger and sexual tension, the latter of which was really good. I love the characters, even if the quantity of gay men is a bit absurd. I like it better when other people are described, not just the ones from the romance arcs. I love these characters though, and I really liked snarky Sawyer from the earlier books and was disappointed that he was much sweeter here.

The book is quite funny in parts. One funny scene is at the beginning and stars when Troy goes out to his balcony with "his morning cup of calm-the-fuck-down..." I loved that.

I really like the continued storyline and the characters who are brought back each time, although it can be confusing as the characters are very similar, particularly the alpha males.

The complex emotions were good and the interactions between the MCs, particularly when one was in wolf form before the other knew about werewolves, are very sweet and sexy. There is a lot of wonderful sexual tension, although there is way, way, way too much sex.

Dramatic scenes were great; that's something that's really important to me in this sort of book, and Gasq-Dion. Unfortunately, the big climax didn't last long enough for me and the injured party healed too quickly. (I know, I'm sick.)

I had a few other issues with the book:
There were lots of typos such as your vs. you're, plurals where words should be singular, and so forth.
The child comes across as four or five but turns out to be nine. I was shocked.
There aren't any female wolves. The only real female character is a motherly figure.

It totally doesn't make sense that a person grew up on this reservation where half of the people are werewolves doesn't know shifters exist, especially given that he was adopted by a mostly wolf family when he was very young.

Understanding of the geography of the area was lacking. They are on the ocean in Washington State but it snows in April a lot. This really is an alternate universe apparently. I remember it snowing in Western Washington lowlands once and I've lived here 41 years of the last 45. I looked up the weather data and I just don't see anything different than I remember over the past 45 years. The Olympic mountains are snowy of course but they're inland. People don't live there. Tribal lands are sea level on the coast.

In addition, a character has to get his truck fixed and he sends it to Tacoma. Why? The closet city is Port Angeles or Aberdeen, depending on where you are on the coast. The closest big city is Olympia. The worst is when someone lands at Seatac, the airport serving and between the two cities of Tacoma and Seattle. He then comments on his drive through Seattle before he reaches Tacoma. I don't think that was the best way to get from the airport to Tacoma. At least he commented that despite freeway crowding, Seattle hadn't lost its lure (allure?) and that Washington is always beautiful. Yes it is.

There are gobs of continuity errors such as the fact that all day and night of the first two nights Troy is in town and yet the narration says he's been there a week. The next scene is the same day as it had been before that was said. At one point Sawyer is on the beach thinking when he then sits down on the forest floor.

But the worst thing is the POV changes that often don't have proper names to describe what's going on. Jumping heads is bad. Doing so while still just using pronouns is beyond confusing--it's aggravating.

Despite these problems, I really liked the book a lot. It was a step up from typical shifter fare which is why I'm rounding my 3.5 rating up instead of rounding it down due to the mangling of the geography (verifiable on plenty of places online, including Google Maps and Mapquest).