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Attracting Anthony by Amber Kell

Attracting Anthony  - Amber Kell

Standard shifter fare with a mild BDSM component. At parts funny, at parts dramatic, Mr. Alpha male is dom in the bedroom but the little sub is all control in reality. He's a smart ass even during sex. Not that different from any other shifter book, they just talk about and practice mild spanking and restraints in one or two scenes. In many ways it felt like fake D/s.

Here's a good quote about what Anthony's thinking when he says he's looking for a new Dom:
"What he really needed was someone who could support and guide him. Anthony didn't need someone to tell him what to do every second of his day. He needed someone to make it safe for him to give up control and know he would be taken care of. Someone he could trust."


And later:


"I might like to be controlled inside the bedroom, but I'm in charge of my own sex life." 


That part I like a lot.

I have a number of issues with the story:

This was mega-instalove. There was the "I've found my mate" stuff but the "I love you" came after meeting only three times. I didn't feel it at all.

Everything and everyone is the greatest, the most powerful, the strongest, the top of everything. It's annoying and absurd.

At the end, (a spoiler that gives away what is completely and totally predictable)

Silver believes he's now claimed Anthony because they've had sex. But they'd already had sex before this.

(show spoiler)

But it was enjoyable enough that I read the short story that follows.