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Dirty Drag 2: The Night Drags On

Dirty Drag 2: The Night Drags On - Kyle Adams
Dear Kyle,

You know I love you, right? I mean, what's not to love about a nerdy, funny, gay writer of M/M romance? If you lived in Seattle, I would totally invite you to come play D&D with us. I love your stories, too. Usually.So keep that in mind if you read this review because I don't want to hurt your feelings.

This was just not up to your standards. The plot was all over the place, a scene with Ashley's friend just didn't fit, and I'm not even sure what happened at the end. Rick was kind of an ass through the first part and Ashley was acting weird. I kept expecting him to stop and get real or have Rick stop and be tender but it just didn't happen. The sex wasn't even very good. The whole random camping thing was odd and out of place.

I did like the descriptions of Ashley as a hot mess. And there were parts that were funny as always. I really liked the death star cookie jar. It wouldn't have been a Kyle Adams story without a nerdy bit in there somewhere. I love the nerdy bits. But just a quick tip: things do not taste just as good out of the microwave. I, too, do not cook and the microwave is the most used appliance in my kitchen, aside from the refrigerator, but even I know that real cooked food is better. I wish Rick had corrected Ashley.

Please write a novel. I think you need the space to really flesh out your characters and finish plot lines. You know we'd all buy it and read it immediately.

Please don't take this review personally. I still love you.