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Blood Pond

Blood Pond - D.J. Manly Actually a good thriller, keeping me on my toes. I suspected what might have happened but I was still kept guessing up until near the end. What I thought was happening could have been wrong, I wasn't sure. Not insta-love but no love and then attraction and then suddenly head over heels. I didn't really buy that at all, especially on August's part.

Apparently there were questions left unanswered that are clarified in the sequel but I think the only things I found were either plot holes or could be explained away by what happened in this book. I'm leery of reading further because I can't imagine how a sequel could be any good but I have to anyway.

I wouldn't call this horror but others would so I'm adding it to that shelf.

FYI, the epilogue was stupid. Really poorly written, like a summary about a book, and then a random sex scene then the cliffhanger. Blah.

3.5 rounded up to 4 because it's the first M/M thriller I've read in a long time that actually felt like one.

p.s. Who the hell names their protagonist "Bruce"?