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Take a Breath (Love is Always Write) - Tam Ames How adorable was this? How perfect for a Trekkie? I haven't really been an active one in a long time, but I still could track most of the references.

Things I loved:

- no instalove
- one potential issue between them is not immediately fixed--life isn't perfect
- James's family, esp. the mom and the sister
- that there are important and interesting female characters
- Eli isn't perfect and comes around
- James is the sweetest guy ever even though he isn't in to Star Trek
- two words: purple cast
- the loopy scene
- James has negative emotions, too, like he gets mad. a little.
- Eli is smart and starts to see himself more objectively
- the ending was just what it needed to be

4.5 stars rounded up to 5 because hell, this is Star Trek we're talking about!