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Talons of the Condor (Condor, #2)

Talons of the Condor (Condor, #2) - John Simpson 1.5 rounded up because I did finish it.

This whole book is very idealistic and preachy. I mostly agree with the author's politics--the author actually sounds like an amazing person from his bio--but I didn't need to be browbeaten. Preaching to the choir. Some "solutions" were just ridiculous. He decides to rebuild Alcatraz as a solution to Guantanamo. Construction begins within a few days of his coming up with the idea. A. this would not solve the problems with Gitmo. B. Alcatraz Island is a National Historic Landmark. No way would any building begin without controversy and huge lawsuits not to mention public outcries.

Everything is dialog. No feelings are described. Writing was stilted. I didn't really feel the character's love until the very end.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

"Well, find out what happened to both Marys and make sure they're okay," I said with great fear in my voice.

How is that showing emotion? He has fear in his voice but how about what he feels? I can be happy and put great fear in my voice to be funny.

The president in this book gets a lot more free time than I imagine the real president does. This guy watches movies and hangs out after dinner. He plans a weekend away. He spends a lot of time on walks with his dog. It's just ridiculous.

There was so much more wrong here but it's not worth my time.