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Crimson Wind - Diana Pharaoh Francis I think Francis somehow invaded my dreams or something and wrote an urban fantasy series just for me. This has everything I look for in UF: Very strong and intelligent female protagonist, equally strong and intelligent male love interest, a peril laden plot, lots of almost dying, the female saving the male as often as the other way around, the male strong and deadly but completely tender and gentle with the female and loyal to her to a point of recklessness, the man wants her even more than she wants him but he waits and doesn't force or push, and of course lots and lots of action, action, action. There are a few erotic scenes but they never get very far. I like the suspense with that although she takes it a little further than I would like. I like that we're seeing more of Max's personality and thus why her team is so loyal to her. Her kindness feels a little off but it's good that we see it.

The only thing I don't like in the series that she always ends with a cliffhanger.

Other than that there was only one problem that confused me and if anyone has the answer, please let me know: (big spoiler)

Why are her father and brother aging so much when witches live forever?

Highly recommended if your tastes are anything like mine.