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BTW I Love You

BTW I Love You - Nico Jaye This was a wonderful little short from the LHNB event. I met Nico through an anthology we both have a story in, and I decided to read this story to support her. I'm always a little nervous when I read books written by friends of mine because what do I say if I hated it? I try really hard not to lie but...

Anyway, I didn't have to worry because this story is delightful. I was hooked right away by this romance about two wonderful guys meeting via social networking. I've heard of chatroulette but never used it and have never seen it in a story before. This was a delightful, original, and refreshing way of having strangers connect through the Internet. (Not that it's going to get me to try another new way to waste even more time in the binary universe.)

The story also appealed to me because my sister (and best friend) moved to Australia seven years ago and I've only seen her twice since. We really only have Skype and other techy ways of seeing each other. I smiled knowingly when the MC figured out the time differences.

A couple of specific things I loved: calling Target "Tarjay." I thought that was a local thing! The sexy stuff was hot and adorable at the same time. Aiden's nervousness when they finally meet was hilarious and also adorable. Everything was freakin' adorable.

BTW, I Love You, is sweet and romantic, funny and charming, with wonderful characters that I would have liked to spend more time with. The secondary characters were interesting enough that I'd like to see their own story.

My only complaint is that I would have liked a little more conflict in the story, a little more worry and suspense. But it would have been difficult to do without messing it up. I don't like that miscommunication garbage, so less conflict rather than that, is better.

I docked half a point for having less conflict then I wanted but I rounded up so who cares. :)

Happy ending? Of course! Like me, Nico always likes a happy ending. I think it was an HEA, but it could be construed as "HF many years to come."