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S.H. Allan
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From the Ashes - Daisy Harris Clearly Daisy Harris loves Seattle as much as I do. It was fun to see my beloved city through someone else's eyes. She's a transplant but she's been assimilated since she actually wears socks with sandals she says. Ewwwww. Even I'm not that bad. :)

This was a very sweet book and the only reasons I didn't give it five stars were that there was no plot and that it was too monotone. What I mean is that almost all of the conflict was resolved within a few pages. The longest conflict was resolved within a chapter or so. I had thought that with a cover like that there would be a lot of danger and drama but there wasn't.

Other than that it was pretty realistic with (medium spoiler) family mostly not condemning but not accepting homosexuality either.

HEA/HFN? Strong HFN.