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Emerging Magic - Angela Benedetti I love so much about this series but there's always something. In this one, I just didn't feel the live between the two characters. At times one even said things like he didn't always like the other guy or he'd say he didn't know if he wanted to be with him.

But the biggy for me is that this was set in Seattle and was so wrong in so many ways. For example, the historical (and half gone) viaduct is referred to as the aqueduct twice, Pike Place Market's ground floor is the top floor, not the bottom, and IT ALMIST NEVER SNOWS IN SEATTLE!! Just because we are in the north doesn't mean it's cold. Sure, it feels really cold because of the dampness (I've lived in Ontario where it gets really cold in the winter but I have never been as cold indoors as I am on Seattle most of the winter) but it rarely gets below freezing and it's even rarer when it snows. This book made it sound like everyone wore parkas and that it snowed regularly. It's snowy in the book in December. December! That's happened like twice in my life, mate three times. And when it snows it's a big deal. The city stops. People don't go for a rambling drive through the area when it snows. We are as hilly as San Francisco! I could go on but I'd just get more irritated.

Then there's the whole big thing about worrying about volcanos and keeping a local one dormant for the next 50-100 years. We have so many warning systems in place that no one needs to die from a volcano. The three people who died on Mt. St. Helens when she blew did so because they were idiots who ignored the warnings. And this particular mountain shows no sign of erupting any time soon.

Lack of research is a huge pet leave of mine, especially when it involves my beloved Seattle. So three stars is all it is.

Happy ending? Yes, HFN.