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Wild: The White Wolf Pack

Wild (The White Wolf Pack) - Zoe Perdita There's something about this series I just don't like, and it's not just because of the menage aspect from the first book in the series. The Russian wolf pack shows up again in this book and we aren't supposed to necessarily like them which is good because I only liked one of them plus the MC even in their own book. It's a little odd but realistic. I do like the protagonists here and I like that the little guy in this typical big alpha little omega tale is strong and independent. I like that there is growth in the characters and that the mating isn't the same as love. But something just rubs me the wrong way and I don't know what it is. Maybe it's the Russians. Maybe it's the lack of people getting along. Maybe it's the long scenes in the past including an overly long sex scene that wasn't in the slightest bit about love, had too much detail, and only contained one of the MCs along with a sex partner I didn't like. But it just leaves me cold.

There are weird editing issues where the wrong word is used such as "transcend" instead of "descend," "tolerable of" intead of "tolerant of." The age gap is unnecessary--when I have a problem with age gaps it's almost always when one of the characters is a minor and this guy is 18 (he thinks, doesn't even know)--and the older one calls the younger one "whelp" throughout almost the whole book. I hate it when characters talk about their mates as if the other were a child.

Although this was better than the first one, I'm rounding down my 2.5 star rating because it's left me without any desire to read another in the series.