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Reclamation (Dominion Series)

Reclamation (Dominion, #2) - Lissa Kasey I so love this series! Seiran is so adorable. Gabe and Jamie are so perfect with him. The angst, danger, thriller stuff, psychological drama, etc., are really well done. I figured out what was going to happen within the first couple of chapters, but still, it was really good. Part of it I wasn't sure about and that kept me guessing.

Like in the last book, Seiran deals with grief by turning into a lynx and running away. But he's so cute when he does that I love it.

I also really loved when he freaked out and cleaned the kitchen to the point of injuring his hands without even knowing it. Gabe and Jamie's reaction was beautiful.

Kelly was great as before and I could feel some set up for the next book there. (Read the synopsis of the next book if you're curious what I'm talking about.)

The main problem for me is that I don't understand what Gabe sees in him. The book reveals that he wanted Seiran from the moment he saw him when Seiran first propositioned him. He turned him down because he wasn't of legal age and Gabe didn't want to get killed. He kisses him deeply when Sei is 16. But later he admits that he almost turned back and did it anyway, just for a chance to be with Seiran. GROSS. What makes it particularly bizarre is that in this same book, Gabe mentions that he looked for Seiran's abuser once he heard about him in order to have him prosecuted so he wouldn't abuse other kids. It was really great the way he handled that and he came across as really wonderful. But then I think back on Seiran at 17. Yea, Gabe, you're a hero.

The age difference does play a role here. In many ways, Gabe treats Sei like a son. They are not equal in the relationship. Gabe absolutely respects Sei and doesn't force him to do anything he doesn't want, even supporting Sei's needto have his own place. But he and Jamie take care of Sei, watch out for him, hover almost, like a mother. Then again, Sei kind of needs it because he's heedless about the danger he's in.

The book was so good, though. I was tearing up near the end and again, I can't wait to read the next one.

It says something about a book when it hits a couple of my major, major problems with M/M romance: age differences, and sex with minors, even if it is within the age of consent. Those are serious problems for me. Yet the book did these things so well, I still give it 4.5 stars rounded up to 5. I just love that little lynx.