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Just Jory (A Matter of Time #5.5) - Mary Calmes I love Jory so much. He just makes me laugh every time. He's so oblivious sometimes and so ADHD. This time I felt he was actually doing some of it on purpose but he's so adorable.

The scenario made no sense--the bankrobbers are holding the people hostage so they can get away clean but when Jory freaks them out, they go out the back way. Hunh?--which is why I gave it four stars instead of five. But Jory is just so much fun to read about that as soon as I was done I went right back and read it a second time.

I also love that Jory is little and gorgeous and he's constantly eating. In the previous book he says his brother thinks Jory has a tapeworm.

This has spoilers for the previous books, so be sure to read it in order.

Update 1/12/14: I still remember this story so fondly that I'm giving it five stars after all.