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A Feral Christmas

A Feral Christmas - Stephani Hecht I didn't like this as much as the first. The instalove was truly ridiculous--one guy had only been conscious maybe an hour, hour and a half, when he decided he was in love with the guy who had kidnapped him, who incidentally was also in love, although he had been at least awake for like eight hours while the other guy was drugged. And it wasn't even fated mates, either. That at least I can handle, because who can argue with the universe? But this? THis even stretched credibility for me, and I'm very forgiving in this area.

It wasn't particularly original, either, same worry over whether others will accept shifters of different species being mates, same alpha by inheritance, same hurt background, same posturing if someone so much as sneezes at the mate, and both being chiseled, muscled, sex gods. At least there wasn't really an age difference.

I'm a sucker for these I love you I'll die without you books, though, so I keep reading them. I just wish the action had been at the end instead of the beginning. There wasn't much of a climax. I mean, stuffed happened but it wasn't very exciting or too dangerous and the MCs were sort of out of the way while the other stuff happened.

I wish they'd have more female shifters. I like Cassie but one isn't enough. I mean, I still want the books to be primarily about men, and no female bits involved, but that doesn't mean there can't be strong and interesting women, too.

I'm going to leave off my nitpicks this time because it's silly to expect much from a series which has accumulated 26 stories in four years. Yeah, not a lot of time for really deep stuff or fact-checking or anything like that.

But I did enjoy it and of course I want to read the next one and of course ASAP because I'm in the mood for this sort of thing. At least there's like a billion of the stories in this series. That's unusual and wonderful in this genre still in its infancy.

3.5 stars rounded down because I am so over the whole "let's remove adverbs because writer's are told to and let's do so by simply turning them into adjectives and thereby using poor grammar" thing. ["He didn't think he'd be able to orgasm quick." I agree it's unlikely he'd be able to ejaculate the skin under his fingernails.]