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Monster (Minders #1) - Joely Skye I'm giving all three virtually the same review because they're basically more of a serial novel than a series.You have to read all three in the series because the first two end in cliffhangers and they're short. Keep that in mind because the first two do not have an HEA/HFN. I'm someone who requires a happy ending, but it was okay, because I had the other books at hand, and I knew it would eventually turn out okay. The end really isn't an ending, it's very much the end of a section or chapter.

I love the world she's built. I read another book in this world before this one so I knew the answer to one secret that is actually not revealed in this book. But there's drama aplenty, lots of mortal danger and mayhem and intense emotion and I just eat that stuff up. It's like manna for me.

There's also not only a history of abuse, but in the first one, a rather graphic attempted rape scene that reads a little like an inaccurate BDSM story. (What I mean isn't that someone is chased down a dark alley and thrown behind a dumpster.) Angst pervades the books, too. God this stuff is so great. If you don't like melodrama, though, you'll probably hate this. But I like it. It's like she wrote it just for me.

This episode is only 4 stars because it wasn't written as well as the other two.

(I have put this on my shelf for awful cover, but I am only referring to the one with the creepy guy in a white shirt and dark hair.