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Hanging Loose

Hanging Loose - Lou Harper

I'm frustrated with booklikes at the moment. I'm having trouble with a couple of things and I can't find any kind of help other than a very basic FAQ. My reading challenge isn't updating even though I just uploaded my latest .csv file from Goodreads. I've written more reviews then are showing up as posts, I can't change a book cover that is all wonky, and I was unable to "like" someone else's post today doing it the way I always do it. (I don't like that I have to go into the post to that, either, since I can see the whole post from their main blog page.)


I want to do more here but I'm feeling hobbled. I'm probably just grumpy today. It's too cold. (It's been in the teens in Seattle this past week which is unheard of. My house just isn't insulated enough for that, especially since it's all wet cold.)


So let's talk about books. I have continued my drunken holiday book shopping spree despite a lack of alcohol. It's definitely a sickness. But I've gotten some freebies. I only got a handful of books from Dreamspinner's free reads in November because they kept offering them at insane hours like 2 in the afternoon when all normal people are asleep. (What? Really? I guess I'm not normal.)


But I did get a few gems for free that you can get too. LIke Hanging Loose by one of my favorite authors Lou Harper. I got to meet Lou at the Great Northwest M/M conference in September and she was a sweetheart. I'm thrilled to get something of hers free.


I also got a few others but none of them are coming up here in Booklikes, even though I just added them with my .csv import and nothing was rejected. When I have more time and energy I'll post some more but grab Harper's book while you can.