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S.H. Allan
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Cody's Revelation - Lavinia Lewis I really like how this one took place at the same time as the first one and showed what was happening with Cody during that period. I loved seeing it from his perspective and knowing that stuff went on that his little brother didn't even know about. This was another sweet story with a difficult situation that affected whether there would be an HEA that really worked itself out too easily, but was still handled well.

One thing I didn't like is that she had a New York up and coming painter who made money painting who painted landscapes. Um, no.

I also didn't like all the British spellings and expressions. If you're going to set it in the US, use US English and American idioms.

Still, I did enjoy it a lot and there was no adverb confusion. (Making adverbs into adjectives by simply leaving off the "ly" is not what they mean by lessening the usage of adverbs.) Fortunately, she doesn't do this. Yea! So 3.75 rounded up to 4.

Happy ending? Of course, everything is always perfect at the end of these and they get their HEA.