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The Carpenter and the Actor - R.J. Scott I've been frustrated with the Ellery Mountain series because the second and third were nothing like the first. The first was a thriller with lots of danger and mayhem and rescuing, etc. I eat that stuff up. The second two were good but there was no danger at all. They were typical romances, although with this one, there was at least somewhat of a plot. Within that framework it was quite good. I just think it had potential for scenes of imminent peril that weren't there. Although I enjoyed it, I'm not sure whether I'll keep reading.

A couple of things I really liked: showing that the small town is dying with boarded up shops. Very common in small towns and it's sad.

The other thing I liked was that the sweet little "twink" showed how he wasn't a little weak thing that needed protecting. He liked to top, he could be agressive when he wanted, he liked it rough, etc.

3.5 stars rounded up because I honestly didn't know what the resolution would be.

Happy ending? Yes, they get their HEA.