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More Than Moonlight (Lucky Moon) - Piper Vaughn,  M.J. O'Shea Although these are a prequel to [b:Moonlight Becomes You|11997139|Moonlight Becomes You (Lucky Moon, #1)|Piper Vaughn|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1311042131s/11997139.jpg|16961405], I'm not sure they work that well without having read that book. They probably should have been flashbacks. Basically there are four stories but only three of them are here and the fourth one, the most important, is missing because it's in the novel. So, since I didn't realize that, I was a little disconcerted to go from a story where a guy is in love with his best friend with absolutely no resolution to a story where they two are together. Hunh? They missed the most important part: when they actually get together for the first time.

Even without that, the stories are random, including abuse that seems pointless and a bad neighborhood that feels irrelevant. They also feel like they're written about kids about 15 not 20 year olds. These guys are together a couple of weeks and haven't even touched other than kissing? Two weeks after that is when the first see each other naked and attempt anything else? And then the stories end with just some fingering and rubbing and nothing more.

If the novel weren't so highly rated by some friends, I wouldn't even consider it after reading these.

(Incidentally, the guys hanging around the bad neighborhood who are vaguely threatening are hispanic. The abusive father lives in a household in a bad neighborhood of course, as if domestic violence was only a low-class thing.)

One good thing, though, is the guys cover some really good music.