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S.H. Allan
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Skin Deep - S.W. Vaughn I loved this book. It was a big dark and violent and therefore not for everyone. The abuse scenes were brutal although the sex scenes were mild. (Actually, I think there may have only been one, the rest implied.)

The characters were interesting and I appreciated how Vaughn didn't think I was ignorant and assumed I had some understanding of the Fae. His was a unique take on them but it was well done. I loved the complexity of Uriskel in particular. He was so interesting and difficult to figure out. I really liked how Will's thought process was portrayed, although his celebrity as a popular radio show host with the self-assurance needed for such a job was a little hard for me to reconcile with how he was in his own life.

There were several twists and surprises that really made the book for me. I loved the juxtaposition of Will's situation compared with Uriskel's and Cobalt's handling of both.

The only thing I really didn't like was Cobalt's name, but that is obviously extremely minor.

4.5 stars rounded up to 5 because I just love that "taking care of my severely injured true love" crap.