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Rarer Than Rubies (Precious Gems) - EM Lynley I really enjoyed this story. Lynley really made Bangkok come alive for me and I really want to visit. Her descriptions were beautiful and real without being overwrought. The mystery wasn't really a mystery but more of a thriller but it worked for me. The main problem I found was that sometimes the narrative when on too long. For example, in the section before leaving for Thailand, the last scene should have been merged with the previous scene and half of it left off. Most of it wasn't necessary. The last scene in the book was also unnecessary and detracted from the story.

At one point, someone asks the MC why he bothers to get in shape if he doesn't use it. He answers that it's to look good. Um, how about health?

The sex scenes were all right. At one point the MC says he just had the best orgasm of his life, but it didn't seem that way to me. Unless his life was really, really dull. At another point, the MC is shouting into the mattress even though he's on his back. Reed keeps thinking about how cute it is when Trent pouts. I'm sorry, but an adult pouting is just not sexy. I can't even picture a man doing it.

Sometimes the love interest doesn't act like a spy or whatever he is. He does some really stupid things, like not check his vehicle for a GPS
transmitter after it had been in the bad guys hands. He also isn't very observant.

I liked that the MC turns to the authorities when it's appropriate, not like most thrillers when there's always a reason they don't even try that. I didn't like that his friends weren't worried when they found out he'd gone gallivanting off into the countryside and they couldn't get a hold of him.

At one point there's a bad guy named Kao Lung. The MC can't remember it and keeps referring to him as Kung Pao. He really can't, he's not making fun of the name, he only hears it once or twice before he has to remember it on his own. So he's talking about really serious stuff and referring to "Kung Pao" as he does. It made me laugh every time. Another character shortens his own name to Dr. Hoo, which both the MCs and I thought funny and cool.

Also, we find out that Reed is supposedly in the FBI. FBI? Not CIA? Or any of the other numerous spy orgs the US has? FBI is supposed to be internal. This made no sense to me.

At the end, Trent is offered a job with the FBI because of his handling of the situation. That is beyond ridiculous.

It occurred to me how weird it is that Buddhism is the principle religion in a city of decadence. At one point, the author mentioned that the Thai people in general was comfortable with sexuality, including homosexuality. I question whether that is true or whether Bangkok has just built that industry to bring in international monies.

I thought about some ex-friends of a close friend of mine. The man in the relationship revealed that he regularly went to Bangkok so he could have sex with young girls legally, this with the approval of his wife even. Thankfully my stopped being friends with them and made it clear why. It is just so horrific and disturbing, it sickens me to even think about it. At least the MC was disgusted by it, too.