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Baby, It's Cold Outside - Nicole Kimberling This was so different than the first one. This was formulaic, predictable, and underdeveloped. The suspense needed longer to develop. The climax needed to be drawn out a bit. He was already safe before I had a chance to be worried. I don't buy the attraction between them, it just doesn't ring true. And having sex in what is almost exactly an igloo would be in sleeping bags, skin to skin. Having one person strip before the other person even got involved, all his junk hanging out, is just ridiculous. Plus, who lights an igloo with a candle? It's not safe because there's a big chance of fire, not reliable because it would easily be blown out, there's not nearly enough light from one candle, and it would suck oxygen out of an already stuffy tiny little room. But, I still enjoyed it.

Happy ending? Yes, HEA.