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The Trouble with Dogs... Said Dad - Bob Graham I was so excited about this book because I loved the first one. But I was really disappointed in the ending. Dave the dog is out of control and needs obedience lessons. When the dog jumps up on the table and eats a cupcake off a guest's plate, the family hires a big gruff taskmaster to train the animal. But the man uses a choke chain and other negative techniques and ends up scaring the dog. The next time the man comes back to train, the family shows him that Dave lost his sparkle at first and now has it back. At the end he again jumps on the table and eats a cupcake and they all laugh and the taskmaster is now happy and nice.


The bad training was terrible and I'm glad they showed it wasn't acceptable. However, it is not fair to the dog, the family, nor its guests not to train him properly using positive reinforcement techniques. The family should be training the animal. (In fact, modern dog training is training the trainer to be a good dog owner.) If the dog can't behave, he can't be around guests. Guests won't want to come over. The family will have to go elsewhere all the time which is less time to spend with the dog. When he does something really bad, the family will yell and just confuse and upset the dog.

It is a terrible disservice to a dog to not train and socialize her properly just like you would a child. That doesn't mean taking away her exuberance and spark. It means knowing when and where to play hard.