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Feral (Shifters, #2) - Joely Skye I love Joely Skye. She just hits the right mixture of danger, mystery, love, insecurity, angst, and hurt/comfort. This is another typical shifter story but it's done so well that I have to force myself to not buy everything in the series and read it all right away. I want to savor them.

I love the cougar. I love how broken both MCs are, how and why. There was way too much sex but at least it had the purpose of showing them coming out of their shells. And it was hot.

I was disappointed that one thing never happened: At one point one of the MCs says he sees the other has his mate but he hasn't found the right time. He never does. That's a huge omission for me.

She does have POV changes mid-scene which drives me crazy.

Because of these last two things, I only gave it 4.5 stars. But I rounded it up because I loved it anyway.