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S.H. Allan
G.S. Wiley, Rowan McAllister, Dawn Douglas, Stephen Osborne, Anna Martin, Elizabella Gold, K. Lynn, Eva Clancy, Rhidian Brenig Jones, Anna Butler, Caitlin Ricci, S.H. Allan, Rob Rosen, River Clair, Nico Jaye, A.C. Valentine
Timing - Mary Calmes Very typical Mary Calmes, although this guy is even more perfect than her other characters. He doesn't have the flaws that Jory has, say (hyperness, amazing ability to get himself in trouble, etc.). Every one loves him. I thought that Rand coming out to everyone about being in love with Stef before they're even officially a couple is ridiculous. The reactions were ridiculous, too. The dramatic danger and fear was too late in coming and there wasn't much of a plot until then.

More later

3.5 but I love Mary Calmes and there are wonderful dogs, so rounded up to 4.

Happy ending? Oh yeah, major big HEA.