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Just Like Cats and Dogs - B.A. Tortuga The horrible cover made me leery of this book. I should know better than to trust covers in this genre.

Random thoughts:

Sex was VERY hot.

The feline shifter thinks at one point:
The man smelled good. Better than tuna. That was something. He liked tuna a lot.

Throughout the book, he's obsessed with tuna and it's just really funny.

Didn't use lube or condoms no did they even discuss it.

Mid-scene, which was described in great detail, one guy was holding a glass of milk and then he suddenly had both hands free. Uh...

Cat shifter grooms the other like a cat would, with his rough tongue. I love that his tongue stays rough while he's human.

Loved the social dynamics and that even families with shifters (humans can have shifter babies) have prejudices about shifters both mild and not so mild. Parallels with homophobia.

A couple of times "I." would appear in the middle of a paragraph like, "..."I. When are you going?" I don't know if it's supposed to be "Aye," or "I--" or "I..." but the latter two punctuation styles appear elsewhere so it doesn't make sense that this would be intended to mean the same as those. It just really confused me. If anyone has any thoughts on this, please comment!

At one point, one shifter snaps at another when his mouth is full of bones and he doesn't drop them. Um, no.

Despite my nitpicks, this was an excellent story and I hope that more is written about these two or at least in this world Tortuga has created.