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Wetter - Harper Bliss Since practically all I read is M/M right now, and I'm bi, I thought I should branch out a bit and try lesbian fiction again as I used to read f/f erotica a lot. So far I've got 0 for 2. I was in a 6 year relationship with a woman, why is this stuff so not turning me on? I think it's just bad, bad, bad. And I think part of it is that it's written too masculine. Just like M/M can be written too femmy, this story felt like it was a woman lusting after a man, or even a man lusting after a man. At one point, one woman tells the other to "fuck me." We never used that expression because it seems so het/male focused. "Do me" is what the women I've been with said.

The sex, well the whole thing, was boring, not hot at all. There was only lust here, no emotional intimacy. Only one of the two gets off and then the other says, "I owe you one." No suggestion of doing the other woman at all. But then, I didn't like the love interest, the one who didn't need to come. I found that really controlling, like she didn't need anything from this woman she just "fucked."

Thank my lucky stars I didn't pay for this thing.