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Dog-Gone School

Dog-Gone School - Amy Schmidt, Ron Schmidt I received access to an online version of this book in exchange for an honest review. (I think. I don't remember asking for it but I got another ARC at the same time which I requested many months ago. So maybe I requested this one then, too.)

The illustrations in this picture book are adorable and although heavily manipulated, will appeal to children and dog-lovers alike.

The poetry is less consistent. Some of the poems are cute and funny, others fall flat. The style of the poetry varies--some rhyme, some don't, some use pattern schemes--which is refreshing.

I was thinking 3.5 stars up until the last two spreads. The credits on the last two pages have the dog's names listed as class superlatives, e.g.,

Most Likely To Time-Travel (page 7)
Albert (shih tsu)


Most Likely to Get Lost (In a Good Book) (page 28)
Aggie (beagle)

It's a cute and funny way to present the information.

But the funniest (for me) was the second to last set of pages. After the other dogs have gone home for the day, the last lines of the poem say "Except for Stan, he has to stay." The little dog is sitting in front of a chalkboard where he's written sentences. The sentences on the board are, "I will not eat my homework. I will not eat my homework."

Four stars.