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The Rest of Forever (Love is Always Write)

The Rest of Forever (Love is Always Write) - Kate Aaron This was romantic and sweet and adorable and I loved it. It wasn't perfect but it was very enjoyable. Except when I was crying. Because I did. A lot. For example:

"I clutch at the ache, wanting to tear it out, wanting to rid my shattered heart from my chest and fling it from me. My wet shirt plasters itself to my skin and I half-expect to see the russet bloom of blood soaking through as I look down. How can pain this intense not show a wound?"

The pain was described very well, although he's quite obsessive about his long lost love to the point that it would have been really freaky scary in real life. I also don't really get why it took him so long to go back.

I did want Jack to tell Paul many of the things he thought to himself but I understand in the book we don't need repeating and there wasn't really a good time to keep the pacing right.

The main character's self-deprecating comments about his look in which he describes a gorgeous man are annoying and unnecessary. One really funny comment, though was:

"I live in fear of going grey...because I know when I do I'll look like a fucking badger..."

I really liked how at the end, Paul didn't blame anything on Curt, even though Curt was an ass at the end. I'm glad everything was just about Paul and Jack.

4.5 stars rounded up to five because the writing was so good.