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The Chase - Zizou Corder No time for a thorough review but here's a short one: this is the first in an unusual fantasy trilogy by Zizou Corder. it's not really a trilogy, it's more of a long novel split into three; you really can't read just one as the end of each leaves more questions than answers. It was entertaining and well enough written that I whipped through the series as fast as the audiobook could go. (audiobook note: there is annoying calliope music played at the beginning of a couple of chapters. I hate calliope music.) the book includes strong environmental themes which may be a bit strong in parts but which overall work to inform readers while also entertaining.

The story would appeal to middle readers although may be too hard for an average for that age group to follow. It makes a good read-out-loud story.

In summary, this is a book filled with cats from the lowliest alley cat to the mightiest lion. I am SO a dog person yet I still really enjoyed this series.