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The Man With the Golden Torc - Simon R. Green This was a funny book but with a good plot and interesting world but the first quarter read like a comic book farce and was a little too out there for me to get into it. I really didn't like the protagonist very much and I almost stopped there but then the story got a little better as the real story of the book came out. I began to like the character better although it began to read like Alice in Wonderland or the Wizard of Oz or the Phantom Tollbooth but not nearly as good. What I mean is that the character goes from one weird situation, usually with peril, which is thoroughly resolved and then to the next with no overlap or need to go back. It's a bit tedious. I prefer my stories to be much less linear. But after the first half it got much more interesting and a little more cohesive. A new character was brought in that I liked. There was a brief stumble where it appeared the story and character were going to be okay with pure evil as long as the goal was achieved but the story was redeemed. The last third was a whirlwind, and interesting and fun although there was a bit of the one isolated situation to the next isolated situation again at one point. But I couldn't put it down. In addition to the action it was quite funny in parts. My favorite line: "You know I don't find humor funny." I'm even laughing just typing it. The last few pages were a bit cheesy but good. The main character grew a lot during the course of the book and I really cared about home in the end. I am definitely going to read the next book.