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Unfallen Dead - Mark Del Franco As usual, the book starts a little slowly but the pace increases soon and by halfway through, I couldn't put it down. I love Connor. I love how del Marco is able to show me Connor's deepest feelings with very little telling. I love how equal the genders are. I love Meryl and I know why Connor cares about her. (Frequently in UF, I have no idea why the main chars are attracted to one another.) I feel Connors confused emotions around just about everything in the story. I love that he stands up and is snarky when he wants to be and feels pushed and not just any time he is angry and annoyed.

I love how in each book he find himself in a situation or two where he's being his old self-absorbed self and that when he realizes it, he feels like crap. I love how in each book there is something that wiggles into his head and allows him to think for awhile about going back to the old job and that maybe it would be okay. If he had changed 100%, it would be too unbelievable. This Connor, who is struggling to be the good man who's come to the surface while being caught by moments if his former self, is real to me. I also love how in this book we hear about the good man he was before he lost his abilities despite being an arrogant ass.

I also really like how del Marco usually recognizes that his readers are smart and knowledgeable about fae things and what they don't know they'll look up or figure out. So he doesn't go into long descriptive passages about what Ogham runes are (unlike the previous book I read) nor does he have the protagonist be ignorant in order to make the reader feel better. Connor is a Druid raised by fae and he would and does know what Ogham runes are.

I just love Connor Grey. If del Marco would just get into it faster (and bring a gay character permanently into the storyline) these would easily be 5 star books for me.

Just don't look at the covers. The guy on the cover looks too old for a Druid Conner's age: they live much longer and their bodies age more slowly. Plus, Connor's way cuter than that. ;)