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Sinner's Gin - Rhys Ford This was all over the place. I loved parts, others were just a mess. I enjoyed it a lot and am eager for a sequel, but the severe angst would be a lot for most people, and the improbability of so much of it... yeah.

The dog makes up for a lot. This was an real and wonderful dog. I've had dogs like this. Not the floppy loving puppy-like dogs in most book, this is a dog dog. He sleeps on his back, he collects things, he bites. He was beautiful.

There is WAY too much thesaurus use. I wanted to say, "Step away from the thesaurus. Just say 'No' (and not 'no way' or 'never' or 'negative; or anything other than flat 'no.'" You do not need ten different ways to say "penis" in a sex scene. I have never heard it referred to as the man's "sex." That is usually reserved for a woman's genitalia. But it was worse than that, much worse, such as referring to an asshole as a "flange." Seriously. Very distracting.

The writing was also completely overwrought at times and then a gem like this would come out:

"People like my mom and Miki are like kites. They need the sky. They need the wind. Me and my dad? We're the people holding the string. We're their anchors to the earth. Miki and I can feel each other through the connection."

I will write more later as I took a bunch of notes.