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L.A. Mischief - P.A. Brown la mischief

This was terrible, just terrible. Where do I start? The author took a great HFN from the first book and demolished it before we even start the second. The least she could have done was make the break up on page.

Here are my complaints in no particular order:

The 3 way was not hot at all.

In the beginning, David was way already in a relationship with Blair and it had only been a month since he and Chris broke up! He was enjoying himself too much. Blair has his phone number and key and David misses him!

Everyone is ragging on Chris, blaming the breakup (you find out in the first couple of pages) on him, telling him how great David was. No one's doing that with David even though Chris makes David a nicer person.

David tolerates gay jokes.

Chris calls a psychiatrist about Des who he's worried about and the guy starts analyzing Chris. The doctor admits that Des talks about Chris in session! Talks about how much Des needs him, puts a guilt trip on Chris. This is not just unethical, it’s illegal.

Not well written. Overuse of pronouns, repeated use of words. For example:

Then he tackled the kitchen. That took nearly an hour, finally slipping out the door a little after seven.

What slipped out the door? The hour? Or maybe the kitchen?
Not well edited, either. Stupid typos, lack of punctuation, compound words split (anyone to any one).

Their desire for each other is only explained in sexual terms. They want to fuck. We don't hear that they want to wake up next to each other, or do things for each other.

It’s unclear whether David got with Blaire while courting Chris again. Either way, he didn’t break up with Blaire. Although they probably weren’t exclusive, Blair is attached and he has a frickin’ key.

He hadn’t been back to the Eagle since he’d been there with Chris. He also hadn’t taken any of Blair’s calls. He refused to acknowledge that he was ignoring the sexy leather man. He just wasn’t ready to take that relationship up again.

What a dick.

FYI, buying American cars does not keep the jobs here. American cars are made in Mexico. Japanese cars are made in the US.

A lawyer would allow the client to sign papers related to criminal proceedings as soon as the papers are given to the attorney and the client. The lawyer would insist on looking them over and making sure the client understands them.

“EMTs will be dispatched to your location,” the woman rattled off Des’s address

EMTs are dispatched to a location based on a call from a cell phone. They wouldn't know the exact location from blackberry, which is part of the problem with cell phones used exclusively without home landlines.

One of the MCs uses the term fussbudget. Seriously? These are not old guys.

Chris has unsafe sex with David when BOTH have been fooling around and Chris knows he’s been unsafe.

The ending was very sudden.

Chris’s tire is slashed at one point and there is no resolution. It was just an inconvenience. Why make it slashed then instead of just flat?

There are two shorts after as well. The first one is cute and fine. The second is disgusting and bizarre for a story where rape has been an ugly part of the past two books.

If Chris really didn't know it was David, then he was acting really bizarre. At one point he says, "no don't let me go"? Huh?

If David believed Chris really didn't know it was him, wouldn't he be upset that Chris got into having sex with a stranger, let alone a rapist?

At one point one of them says something about someone being "on the rag" to show they’re being a jerk. Really? Are you kidding me?

The novel gets a 2 because I do like Chris in this and love his relationship with Des. David was nice some of the time, too.

The first story gets a three. The second gets a zero.

I probably won't read the next one because from the summary, it sounds like it will make me even madder. It's sad because I really liked the first book in the series.